Purdue University, not just for making boilers anymore...


The nefarious robot theocrats at Purdue University have put their dark minds toward providing more innovative power plants that will one day be let loose in the wilds of human society to make tasty treats out of you and me, or as the Evil Robot Overlords will refer to us, their chattel, "Man-Jerky".

Thinly veiled as a "tactical biorefinery" we only have to remember the dark parable of our cute little buddy, the EATR Robot, to surmise the true purpose of this embryonic digestive tract of robot evil!


A group of scientists have created a portable refinery that efficiently converts food, paper and plastic trash into electricity. The machine, designed for the U.S. military, would allow soldiers in the field to convert waste into power and could have widespread civilian applications in the future.

"This is a very promising technology," said Michael Ladisch, the professor of agricultural and biological engineering at Purdue University who leads the project. "In a very short time it should be ready for use in the military, and I think it could be used outside the military shortly thereafter." [ If, indeed, there can be said to be, a "thereafter" -ERN ]

The Burgeoning Evil Robot Digestive System!

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