Robots are becoming increasingly evil and, thus, news...

For decades our best science-fiction writers, government whistle blowers, leading technologists and fear-mongering crackpots alike, have been warning us of the imminent arrival of our "Evil Robot Overlords". That is to say, the arrival, "on the ground", near you, of autonomous and unfriendly artificially intelligent machines of various flavors and descriptions.

This site has been created to help you, the citizen, stay abreast of the ins, outs and general reports of horror, that will no doubt be forthcoming in our unavoidable and, probably, monstrously bloody, clash with our own misbegotten robot progeny.

So, please, make all due use of this resource as we attempt to guide you through the coming post-apocalyptic, dystopic whirlwind, that is, Evil Robot News.

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A New (Manchurian) Candidate

The long and winding road of electronics theory and engineering and the discrete electrical components that it has relied on are surprisingly stable; resistors, capacictors, inductors, etc. and, of course, the famous transistor.

We've made a great deal of progress with the increased level of skill, materials-knowledge and intricacy with which we've engineered these devices over the years, on the whole though, the "toolbox" has remained remarkably consistent.

It's worthwhile noting though, that there is a relative new kid on the block, who may not only ammend the way we look at electronics, but indeed, may begin to allow the electronics to look back at us...

Meet the Memristor:

Invasion At "Swarming-dy"

A lot of times, one thinks of being crushed by a giant titanium claw or being ground into hamburger by clobbering, servo-driven fists when one thinks of demise at the hands of Evil Robots. There is a growing "liliputian" aspect to the whole scheme that is sometimes overlooked though.

Imagine if you were to go to sleep one night, only to awaken to the terrible realization that a swarm of tiny collaborative robots have constructed a cage around your unconscious form! Seems to be well in the realm of science fiction, no?

Well, as it turns out, such a scenario is ever closer to non-fiction. The fantastically clever minds at SRI International are busy as can possibly be bringing the potential of this type of technology into eye watering focus.

"Take a look at the speed of these micro-robots, created by SRI International; a swarm of up to 1,000 of the tiny robots can work together on tasks.

(Magnetically Actuate Micro-Robots)

The research powerhouse says the bots can construct lightweight, high-strength structures; handle tiny electrical components; carry out chemistry on a chip; and perform many other manufacturing tasks. Eventually, they expect that the machines, the smallest of which are no thicker than a dime, will even be able to build smaller versions of themselves."

Full Story @ Technovelgy

Like A Velvet Glove, Cast In Iron

You might expect a gnarling tungsten-carbide saw blade, or a dull weapon barrel that spurts forth highly energized plasma or a vicious nerve gas to be the method by which you might be utterly destroyed at the whim of an Evil Robot. We suspect that all of these scenarios, actually, will come to pass.

You shouldn't lose site though of the much more insidious end of the stick, as it were; the development of a deft, supra-intelligent even...delicate simulacra of the human hand itself.

Our ever vigilant Pelham Bay correspondent: Snackwrap is always suspicious of badly behaving machines, especially hands, and pointed out this unsettling example we see here below.

"Shadow, however, is extremely life-like in its demonstrations. It’s a tad bit slow at times, and it lacks tactile feedback, but watching it in action you can almost imagine its human. Of course, Shadow Dextrous Hand weighs a bit more (4kg), is made of aluminum, resin, and polycarbonate, and has twenty motors. Still, seeing the sort of advanced movements and controls in this hand make me believe that fully functional humanoid robots aren’t that crazy of a dream." [ ERN - Not a dream, no. We can assure you though it will be very...very crazy... ]

@ 01:24 - "Coochie, Coochie, CRUNCH!"

Full Story @ Singularity Hub

United Nations: Okay, WTF Is Going On Here?

Evil Robotics, myth or reality? Well, the tide of growing concern rises. On Tuesday, June 17, 2014 The United Nations held its first multinational convention on "lethal autonomous weapons systems".

How this has taken so long to come about, we cannot imagine. We would say it is well behind the curve. Upside? At least the venerable body has been willing to put down its tumblers of 20 year scotch and japanese steak knives to at least sit down and have a little confab about the end of the world as we know it.

Zeigen Sie mir Ihre Papiere, schnell!

" Has the age of the Robocop and Terminator arrived? The U.N. thinks it might be around the corner [ ERN - Whaaaat!? two hour lunch break? Oooooooh, Aristo-Bureaucrats; really, just too cheeky ]...

On Tuesday, the world body holds its first-ever multinational convention on 'lethal autonomous weapons systems.'

While fully autonomous weapons don’t really exist yet, some attendees at the convention—like the coalition of non-governmental organizations calling itself the 'Campaign to Stop Killer Robots' —will argue that technology is moving fast in the direction of creating them. South Korea, for example, already deploys semi-autonomous machine-gun robots outside its demilitarized zone with North Korea. The Israeli Defense Forces also operates similar robotic guns on several of its borders. "

Full Story @ WSJ - Digits

Ye Olde Robotic Society - A.K.A. You Just Got Union-Jacked

Ah, fair Albion, the storied land of a grand old monarchy, the heady writings of William Shakespeare and soon to be ground zero in the explosive advent of Evil Robots; huzzah!

The robotics academics, researchers and societal planners are about to go "the full Monty" in their plans to revolutionize the nation's infrastructure to deeply incorporate autonomous robots into every nook and cranny of their social order.

It hearken's back to the golden age of technology's idea of humans being freed from the drudgery of their common labors , a la the "homes of the future". Everyone can just lounge in their smoking jackets and thoroughly enjoy their piping hot cups of tea and saucers of butter biscuits while the robotic worker class joyfully toils away.

Our Pelham Bay correspondent: Snackwrap reports the below tale of amazing naivety on the part of the United Kingdom. God save the Evil Robotic Queen!

'ello guv'nah!

" If everything goes according to plan [ ERN - Ha! Do be serious...], robots will decommission British nuclear sites, service offshore oil and gas rigs; zip Brits across the skies and deliver their pizza. Garbage-bots will also collect trash and carebots will look after the elderly. Life will be simpler, easier, and more efficient when humans let robots do all the work, so that we can do everything else. "

Full Story @ WSJ - Digits

Like A Hot Knife Through Butter

We have achieved a milestone. In our chronicaling of all of the potential problems of sophisticated robotics, we believe we have rarely been as frightened by a development as this one.

The, clearly masterful, Evil Robot Acolytes (and, as always, we use that term advisedly) at the Carrara Robotics "division" of Coletek Robotics are fostering a fresh abomination to take shape.

A device which they have ruefully allowed to openly weild a diamond cable cutter, to horrifying effect. This punishing automaton, makes easy work of marble, forming and shaping it with an alarmingly deft touch. We can only assume that it would make even shorter work of any softer material, say, a mailman or the dog that may be chasing the mailman, proceeding on down the block to just eviscerate the whole damned neighborhood.

Just look at it writhe beneath it's cheap blue tarp of evil!

Witness the fitness...

" There are lots of fun ways to watch machines show-off: see them play massive Jenga games; ooh and aah as they draw peens and portraits; or, in the case of Carrara Robotics, check out a wire-saw saturated with diamond dust slice through a chunk of marble like it is absolutely nothing. "

More on this story @

A Hint Of Musk

Another technology heavyweight has added his two cents to the increasingly notable debate about the advent of Artificial intelligences. Elon Musk on June 17, 2104, was interviewed by CNBC Finance's Disruptor 50 which gauges the 50 most disruptive private companies, Mr. Musk's ongoing concerns are currently number one, with a (hopefully silver) bullet.

What he has to say here is quite reserved and non-commital, but reading between the lines we can take away volumes of meaning from this. Consider that he has invested, substantially we assume, in Vicarious, the burgoening artifical intelligence company. Not for "a return on ivestment", he says, but rather, "to keep an eye on" the fast this developing area of science.

Prick up your ears, as these brief and subdued comments are actually signaling tectonic shifts in the popular perception of the techonological-germ-brain, which will be deeply concerning to your situation on this planet going forward. Indeed, as Elon suggests, probably other planets as well, as there will be no fleeing this downpresser.

Also see our previous similar forbodings from another titan of technology, Bill Joy, here and here.

" Still, Musk's sentiments match an increasingly serious approach to the notion that self-aware computers could one day impact the fate of humanity. Although milestones such as computers passing the Turing Test are hailed as accomplishments in the field, fears of "the singularity" — the moment when artificial intelligence starts to improve itself without our help — are increasingly represented in mainstream pop culture and even in academia. "

More on this story @ Mashable

Hyah Mule! Hyah!

How do you train robotic systems for the, wholly forseen, Robo-geddon that they will evenutally visit on all of us? You've got all of the funding, you've got a substantial brain-trust, but where is the experience?

Well the best way to teach an A.I. how to "swim" is to simply throw into the deep end of the pool. Even if it goes massive fail, probably gonna' kill something, right? Then, you go back to the warehouse, pull another one off the shelf, adjust it for a very slightly less massive fail, and you kick it out of the door. easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

Here is a protoype of the AirMule built by a soon to be headliner in Evil Robotics, Israel's Tactical Robotics which, before you know it, is going to be doing the proverbial backstroke in heaven knows how many now burgeoning conflicts.

It is proposed, apparently, as a "combat-neutral" cargo/rescue vehicle. Also, axes are just for chopping down trees, yeah?

Heeeere's AirMule!

" If you saw The Dark Knight Rises, then you no doubt remember the very cool-looking Batwing aircraft in which Mr. Wayne flew over the streets of Gotham. Perhaps you thought that while it was pretty impressive, there was no way that anything like it could work in real life. Well hey, guess what? The Batwing-like AirMule VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) prototype aircraft recently demonstrated its ability to fly autonomously, bringing it one step closer to carrying out a full mission demo. "

Full Story @ Gizmag

A Sliver Of Sanity Erupts?

In the arena of Evil Robotics, the notion of ethics is, well, loose at best. It may be that in the mad gold rush for innovation, profit and power, that many engineers are fairly confident that the ends will adequately justify the means used to achieve them.

The below story though, hints at a sort of dissention in the ranks of the Wild, Wild West of the creation of high functioning machines. A robotics company that Google has recently acquired [ ERN - be sure to see the below here ] has made, as a caveat to its acquisition, a "requirement" that Google create a board of ethics in order mediate what plans and executions Google may make with their company's technologies.

This is a very interesting development, as it means that a, presumably, world class group of software and hardware engineers have inherent concerns about how their intellectual property may have broader effects on the world at large. That is to say that, from our perspective at least, they have outstanding concerns about exactly how "not evil" Google is going to be willing to be going forward. Hmmm...

" It’s fair to assume that the smart folks at DeepMind have thought deeply about AI and its implications. AI is very powerful technology that is largely invisible to the average person. Right now, AI controls airplanes, stock markets, information searches, surveillance programs, and more. These are important applications that can’t help but to have a tremendous impact on society and ethics, increasingly so as every futurist predicts AI to become more pervasive in our lives. "

Full Story @


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